VKFreeDMR Network Australia

  • Dial-a-Talkgroup


    Fed-up with having to reprogram your codeplug? With FreeDMR there is a simple way to select any talkgroup without having to pre-program your radio with a DMR codeplug matching the talkgroups you may require… Here’s how you do it:- You should then hear and announcement with confirms your linked connection to the Talkgroup number you […]Read More

  • Talkgroups (Aus)

    Talkgroups (Aus)

    Australia 505 Australia – National Calling Australia 5052 Australia – NSW Australia 5055 Australia – SA Australia 5056 Australia – WA Australia 50595 OZ-DMR Australia News & Chat Australia 50556 ANZEL EchoLink Network Australia 5051 Australia – ACT Australia 5053 Australia – VIC Australia 5054 Australia – QLD Australia 5057 Australia – TAS Australia 5058 […]Read More