What is the FreeDMR Network?

It is made up of Independent Servers running the FreeDMR Server Software.
They have OpenBridged “OPB” to each other to make up the FreeDMR Network.

Neither Master nor Slave :-
All FreeDMR systems are equal, just like all of the individuals who run them. Each server is free to run as this wish.

FreeDMR is developed by hams for hams. Much of the work has come from the UK and European ham fraternity. They have worked on many of the old bugs that commercial systems would never fix to meet amateur radio requirements.

What is the VK FreeDMR Network?

It’s just the name we use for the server network that operates in Australia.

Australia has an assigned Talk Groups starting with a ‘5’. By local agreement, 505 is the national calling channel for Australia. There are a whole bunch of international and local prefixes – take a look at this webpage. There are about 900 Talkgroups at present.

Australia505 Australia – National Calling
Australia5052 Australia – NSW
Australia5055 Australia – SA
Australia5056 Australia – WA
Australia50595 OZ-DMR Australia News & Chat
Australia50556 ANZEL EchoLink Network
Australia5051 Australia – ACT
Australia5053 Australia – VIC
Australia5054 Australia – QLD
Australia5057 Australia – TAS
Australia5058 Australia – NT
Australia5059 Australian – Ext Territories
Australia5050 Australia – Antarctic
Australia50500 Australia – Nets
Australia50501 Australia – Chat 1
Australia50502 Australia – Chat 2
Australia50503 Australia – Chat 3