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  • Dial-a-Talkgroup


    Fed-up with having to reprogram your codeplug? With FreeDMR there is a simple way to select any talkgroup without having to pre-program your radio with a DMR codeplug matching the talkgroups you may require… Here’s how you do it:- You should then hear and announcement with confirms your linked connection to the Talkgroup number you…

  • Talkgroups (Aus)

    Talkgroups (Aus)

    Australia 505 Australia – National Calling Australia 5052 Australia – NSW Australia 5055 Australia – SA Australia 5056 Australia – WA Australia 50595 OZ-DMR Australia News & Chat Australia 50556 ANZEL EchoLink Network Australia 5051 Australia – ACT Australia 5053 Australia – VIC Australia 5054 Australia – QLD Australia 5057 Australia – TAS Australia 5058…

  • Basic Codeplug for the FreeDMR network using VK4RDB TS2

    Basic Codeplug for the FreeDMR network using VK4RDB TS2

  • Basic Codeplug for the Brandmeister network using VK4RDB TS1

    Basic Codeplug for the Brandmeister network using VK4RDB TS1

  • Echo / Parrot

    Echo / Parrot

    Making a test call To check your radio is working, it is often convenient to call a “Parrot” service which will replay your test transmission back to you when you release PTT. To access the service Manual Dial 9990 Private Call, PTT for up to 3 sec using Dial-a-Talkgroup. The repeater/hotspot will respond with a…

  • Fix DMR network dropout on Pi-Star

    Fix DMR network dropout on Pi-Star

    Many amateurs want to use the DMR Gateway module in their Pi-Star configuration as it provides much more flexibility in the choice of DMR networks and Talkgroup mapping than the ‘simple’ default configuration. One issue we noticed on some Pi-Star’s when using the DMR Gateway, FreeDMR would drop out – the Network Status light on…

  • What is FreeDMR?

    What is FreeDMR?

    FreeDMR is about the Amateur Radio ethos of freedom and experimentation. Repeater, Gateway Keepers and some Hotspots have full control, instead of being told what has to go where. On the 9 November 2020, the birth of a new way of working with DMR was born.A network name was devised and was called FreeDMR. We…

  • Dial-a-TalkGroup


    No longer do you need to program your radio with a multitude of Talk Groups. Simply, Use TG9 Slot 2 to dial up the Talk Group you want, the selected TG will take over TG9/2 until it times-out from inactivity – or you change the TG to something else. You can simply manual-dial a private-call…

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