No longer do you need to program your radio with a multitude of Talk Groups. Simply, Use TG9 Slot 2 to dial up the Talk Group you want, the selected TG will take over TG9/2 until it times-out from inactivity – or you change the TG to something else.

You can simply manual-dial a private-call to any TG number on the FreeDMR network to have it temporarily routed to your Talk Group 9 on Time Slot 2 on your hotspot or local FreeDMR repeater.

How to? Start in TG9/2, then manual-dial the Talkgroup number you want using the Private Call feature on your radio. You will hear a voice announcement from the network confirming the connection to the new TG.

This also works on Hotspots if you decide to use it. There is control of the timer and fallback to the default Talk Group (Reflector) as before.






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